Supervision for Supervisors

Emma is a Clinical Psychologist with over 18 year’s experience in providing supervision services to trainee and peer psychologists.  Given her experience, passion and knowledge in supporting training psychologists and peers, Emma has in more recent years commenced providing support to Supervisors with a focus on their practice of Supervision. She has attended specific Masterclass level training in “Supervision of Supervision”, which stands her in good stead to provide support to professionals providing clinical supervision services.

Individual Supervision – Emma provides 1:1 support for supervisors wanting to discuss procedural, clinical and process based matters that have arisen through their supervision sessions with training and peer psychologist. Given Emma’s experience in private practice leadership, supervision can also focus on practice management and leadership related issues.

Fees: $280 plus GST per hour

Group Supervision – each year Emma provides support for Supervisors through her Small Group Mentoring Program. These groups are closed groups of max 6 Supervisors, who meet monthly for support around all kinds of supervisory related matters. For further information please see below.


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